In January of 2010 an organization called Worldwide Support for Development, led by Dr. Haruhisa Handa, donated funds to support the construction of a nursing school and dormitory as well as a mother and child hospital. In January of 2013, after reflecting on the completion of these new facilities, Dr. Handa encouraged his staff at The Handa Foundation to begin looking for ways to support these new facilities.

Since that time The Handa Foundation has sponsored trips and workshops for healthcare professionals in Laos to learn from their peers in the region, has recruited nursing professionals from the USA and the UK to volunteer their time at the Handa Nursing School, has helped the Handa Nursing School acquire a new 14-seat van to shuttle nursing students to the more remote training sites of the University of Health Sciences, and is providing much needed scholarships for the faculty of the school to improve their medical knowledge as well as their English language skills.