Handa Medical Center in Battambang, Cambodia

The Handa Medical Center (HMC) was opened adjacent to the campus of the World Mate Emergency Hospital in 2013. The HMC has been warmly welcomed by the community and the patient volumes have grown every year as new staff, services and facilities have been added. The campus now includes a new reception area, 10 consultation rooms, a pharmacy, a laboratory and a new medical in-patient ward with 24-beds including six VIP rooms. Approximately 2,000 patients come from all over Northwest Cambodia for care each month. The facility is also 100% green, as it is powered by an array of solar panels that cover the rooftops of all of the buildings.

The HMC has the unique three-fold strategy of providing high-quality medical services, providing on the job training for young Cambodian doctors and nurses, and producing surplus revenues that are donated to support the free care provided at the World Mate Emergency Hospital next door. By providing a general medical facility for the general population, local medical professionals can learn advanced medical techniques while at the same time helping the underprivileged.

World Mate Emergency Hospital in Battambang, Cambodia

The World Mate Emergency Hospital is managed by The Handa Foundation but receives most of its charitable support from the generous people of Japan through an organization called the World Mate Foundation. Dr. Haruhisa Handa currently serves as the Honorary Chairman of the World Mate Foundation and the Honorary Director of the World Mate Emergency Hospital. This 109-bed trauma hospital has played a pivotal role in the recovery of NW Cambodia from the devastation of war. Since it opened in 1998, it has treated approximately half of all the land mine survivors in the country, completely free of charge. Please go the hospital’s website at www.wmeh.org to learn more about the great work being done.